Build EMS Agency Credibility with Leader’s Visibility

Is an ambulance, an ambulance an ambulance? Multiple EMS providers in a medical marketplace will tell you “no” but many times take no strategic measures to distinguish their services, recognize their employees and remarkably not even position their agency’s leader. John F. Budd, Jr., a recognized public relations expert says in his book CEO Credibility; The Management of Reputation, that a company president and/or the CEO constitutes nearly forty percent of a company’s brand. Forty percent presents a huge opportunity and certainly a compelling reason for EMS Chiefs and ambulance company owners to engage personally as a reflection of an essential healthcare agency with the people who use ambulance services, with those who influence or make EMS policy and the with medical community with which EMS interacts every day. Here are the top five tips for building credibility for your EMS agency with CEO visibility:

1. Receive media training so you can act as your agency’s spokesperson when proactively inviting a news story and when reacting to media inquiries.

2. Volunteer and/or engage in community events, charities and health related not-for-profit organizations

3. Offer to serve on healthcare related boards and councils

4. Regularly attend City Council or County Commission meetings introducing yourself to policy makers and other public safety representatives

5. Publish and make public presentations